About us

Standby is dedicated to the art of hospitality and creative thinking. We aim to be a spot for consistent quality, from hello to goodnight, an experience fit for both locals and travelers to our great city of Detroit. 

A good bar is one that suddenly transports you, one where you can really take a load off.  To our team, that means a thoughtfully created craft cocktail bar where our customers feel just as comfortable ordering a shot and a beer as they do ordering a Negroni. Our vision was to create a hideaway of sorts. The entrance is through an alley into an old elevator shaft, the space is dimly lit and designed to offer a little refuge from your day to day.

We are excited to use modern and innovative techniques within our beverage program to bring new flavors and experiences to the glass. But we know that there are some things in life that should never change, so rest assured you can feel safe in the arms of all of the old classics you’ve come to love. Our equally dynamic menu will feature locally sourced fare that will complement our bar program. Come for the drinks. Stay for the food. 

The neighborhood

Standby is conveniently located in the Belt in downtown Detroit.   The Belt is a culturally redefined alley in the heart of downtown Detroit.  Named for its physical orientation in a former downtown garment district, the Belt is located between Broadway and Library Street and links Gratiot and Grand River.  

Public Art is the driving force behind the redevelopment of the Belt.  The public space is home to murals and installations by local, national and international artists.   It is part of a continuous effort to ensure that artists have a space to create and engage with the public in Detroit.  For more information, please visit thebelt.org.